Hi there, I'm Annie.  

I live in Huntsville, Ontario with my partner Jeffrey, in an apartment that is always one small mess away from being perfect.  I love tea and crossword puzzles, Great Big Sea, and Georgian Bay.  I like cooking, but I like eating more - especially if Jeff is the chef!  I love to hike (gotta get those steps in!), swim, and paddle.  I work part time at the local library, and you will always find me with a book in my bag.  Road trips have defined me, and my family and friends have been a loving support system along the way.

Yoga has become one of the most influential practices in my life; it gives me the tools I need to navigate daily life, and it helps me put that daily life into perspective.

During my yoga teacher training, my yoga teacher passed on this little bit of wisdom:

Our purpose in life is to uplift ourselves, and to uplift each other.

This is what guides my teaching today.  When we practice yoga, we practice self-care, and we are uplifted.  When we come together to practice, we create a little community. Within that community, we are given the chance to uplift each other.  When we are uplifted, we are free to create the lives we want to be living.  Just thinking about the creative potential within every yoga class makes me smile!  So, with gratitude, I humbly share what I have to offer.