Welcome to your yoga practice!

With Muskoka Lakes Yoga, there is no studio needed - we can practice yoga anywhere!  Whether you have a large meeting room for a full yoga class, a small office in which to practice mindfulness, or just a dock to sit on, we can find something that fits just right.

All yoga classes can be purchased individually, or in packages of 4.  Private classes are also available in my yoga room at home.  Please connect with me for pricing.  I strive to provide affordable, accessible yoga classes for the community.


Be Grounded - Yoga Classes

In yoga, we call our physical practice our asana practice - this is where we do our downward dogs and sun salutations.  Roll out your mat and join me as we move our bodies, fill our lungs, and reconnect with ourselves.  Depending on what you are looking for from your practice, yoga classes can be restorative, gentle, energetic, vigorous, or a nice mix of everything.  If you or your group are new to yoga, a special introductory class is the perfect way to see what yoga is all about.  Classes are typically one hour long.

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Be Balanced - Chair Yoga

Sometimes we need the support of a helping hand.  Chair yoga is a wonderful alternative to a more floor-based yoga practice.  If mobility is an issue for you or your group, we can practice with a chair for added stability.  Chair yoga classes can be done entirely seated, or a chair can be used as a support for various standing poses typically done on a yoga mat.  That being said, there is no mat needed for chair yoga, and you can even leave your shoes on if you wish!  Classes can be anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour long.

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Be Calm - Breath and Meditation

When we practice breath control in yoga, we are practicing pranayama.  Breathing and meditation practices have become fairly mainstream these days, and for good reason - more than ever, we feel the need to slow things down and just...be.  I incorporate breathing and a little meditation into every class I teach.  If you are interested in instruction in different breathing exercises, or an introduction to meditation, why not try a 30 minute class on breath, meditation, and mindfulness?  As the popular saying goes...no one ever says "I should have skipped yoga!"

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Be Vibrant - Yoga & Crystal Bowls

Sometimes we listen to calming music when we practice yoga or meditation - it can help anchor us in the moment. The beautiful sounds of crystal bowls can be a wonderful immersive experience. For this special class, I team up with soon-to-be yoga teacher Becca Hunt, and we create a unique experience for long-time yogis and complete newbies alike. Let the vibrations of crystal bowls wash over you as you are led through a guided meditation and yoga practice. This class is typically 1 hour to 75 minutes long, and we’ve lovingly come to call it Hum & Flow!

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